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Sabrina Zanella-Foresi is a filmmaker working in Cambridge, Massachusetts

with over twenty years experience. She works primarily as a feature-length documentary film editor for broadcast, theatrical, and festival films.


Editing credits include: Finding Armenia (2022); Roadfood Season 1 (PBS, 2021-22); Let's Talk Menopause (PBS, 2020); Salvage (SXSW 2019); The Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads (APT, 2016); The Rise and Fall of Penn Station (2014) and Henry Ford (2013) both for PBS' American Experience; Photographic Memory by Ross McElwee (ARTE, 2011); Animas Perdidas: Lost Souls (PBS Independent Lens, 2009); The Truth About Cancer (PBS/APT, 2008); Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell (2007); Twisted (PBS Independent Lens, 2007); A Jew Among the Germans (PBS Frontline, 2005). 

Sabrina has also taught Film/Video Production and Film Studies at Boston-area universities, including Boston University, Emerson College, and the University of Massachusetts, and currently teaches the "Editing the Documentary" intensive at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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